Wednesday, August 20, 2014

These triplets pandas are already doomed to fame

The three little of Juxiao just after birth.  These are very rare captive and breeding of this species is a difficult art.  © Chimelong

The three little giant pandas, born July 29, 2014 and photographed in early August in their incubator.  They have since returned to their mother.  © Chimelong

These triplets pandas are already doomed to fame

Births captive giant pandas ( Ailuropoda melanoleuca ) are rare and these animals, bears cousins, are rather delicate creatures. As everyone knows, they feed exclusively on bamboo, but their ancestors carnivores bequeathed their digestive system that digests bad enough this plant. In the wild, the species is listed as threatened on the IUCN Red List . His presence is known only in a few upland forests in China.

Animal Park Chimelong promises to give regular updates on the Internet of the state of health of the mother and her cubs. Moreover, a campaign was launched paris to predict the sex of these little pandas . If they survive, their fame is assured ...

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