Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Exceptional triplets born pandas in China

Exceptional triplets born pandas in China

In the zoo Chimelong, China, a female giant panda gave birth to four small, three triplets, still alive. For this animal emblem of China, the event is exceptional and photographs of babies go around the world.

Calving took place July 29 in the zoo Chimelong in Canton, China. Juxiao ("smile chrysanthemum"), a female born in captivity at the Chinese Center for Protection and Research giant panda , gave birth to four babies, three triplets. An exceptional case according to Chinese experts, for whom the event serves as a miracle. "These are the only triplets born in captivity alive today," they said in a statement Chimelong Park .

The three little pandas were first placed in an incubator because "their mother, tired, could not take care of them" . This is where they have been photographed. Since then, the cubs were returned to Juxiao, who has recovered from the birth and can now breastfeed. Their close monitoring remains constant, because the survival of pandas in captivity, especially triplets, remains woefully low.

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