Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Contracts for the sale of electric space satellites to Airbus

Contracts for the sale of electric space satellites to Airbus

Ariane 6 configuration will depend on the future of the satellite market and competition. The announcement of the contract for the construction of ITS-12 Airbus Space reinforces the uncertainties around power satellites.

Airbus Space recently won contracts for the construction of electric satellites Eutelsat and SES 172B-12 to be launched in 2017 Eutelsat 172B will be the first European satellite to reach its orbit using electric propulsion. As for SES-12, it will be the most powerful and most flexible in the SES fleet.

If the European company was selected by two of the largest operators in the world is that it is simply the leading European, even global, in this niche of all electric. Lockheed Martin and Boeing have each sold two power satellites are indeed back on the market. The latter, however, seemed to have taken the lead after the sale of two small all-electric models (propulsion and station-keeping) specifically sized to be launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9, relied heavily on this contract. Yet since their sale to the Mexican operator Satmex and Asian ABS , the Seattle firm has won more contracts even if a third order should be announced.

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