Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thor: Lord of Storms for Android Free Download

Summoning units consumes mana, which slowly recharges during the battle. Mana is also dropped by slain enemies, along with gold, which you can use to upgrade Thor's abilities and the abilities of his troops. To add more complexity, you can also build (and subsequently upgrade) defensive towers, which pummel your enemies during the conflict.

Thor is also lucky enough to be in possession of some pretty serious magical powers, and can use these during the fight to inflict massive damage on rival forces. These skills take time to recharge once used, but can prove decisive if utilised correctly.

Although gold is used to acquire enhanced powers, green gems are required to gain many of the more important items in the game - and predictably, they cost real-world money.

Thor: Lord of Storms
 is quite subtle when it comes to in-app purchases, at least at first. You're given ten gems at the start of the game and can use these to unlock an ability which allows you to take an additional soldier class into each battle.

However, unlocking the third "special power" slot takes 25 gems, essentially tempting you to spend some cash. One-use items - which give you energy bonuses or increase your strength - also cost gems. On some of the later levels, it's almost impossible to proceed unless you have these items in your arsenal.

Thor: Lord of Storms APK

Thor: Lord of Storms for Android free Download

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