Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Carmageddon for Android APK Download

As was expected, Stainless Games Ltd has released Carmageddon. The app can be found by way of the Google Play Store and at the moment is available in two versions. There is the promo release and the paid release. The key here, both of these are the full and complete game. That being said, lets cover what Carmageddon is and break down these two versions to see which you may want to grab.

Carmageddon originally launched back in 1997 and while having sold more than two million copies, it was not without its share of controversy. Without getting deep in that story, lets just say that Carmageddon is on the violent side. Stainless Games Ltd eventually lost the rights to the game and things stood still for quite some time. More recently though, they secured those rights and proceeded to launch the game as a Kickstarter offering. That project has since closed and that is why the game has returned. That is also why there are several versions available.

The Promo release, which is free for the first 24 hours (basically, you will need to download this on on May 10th if you want it) as a thank you to the Kickstarter project. The other release is priced at $1.99. As mentioned, both are the full and complete game. The catch with this, the Promo release will be removed from the Play Store after 24 hours which means it will never be updated. In other words, if you want updates, you may want to grab the paid version.

Of course, there is always the option to download the promo release and play it for a while to make sure this is the game you want. Otherwise, Carmageddon will run on devices with Android 2.3.3 or later and for those wondering, this is the same game that many came to love (or hate) back in 1997. Those looking for the links, you will be able to grab the Promo version here and the paid version here.

Carmageddon for Android APK Download

Carmageddon for Android

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